“Okay…we’re going to drop Sof at the daycare and then we’ll get you to a room and we’ll call around and see if someone will take Sof for the night and then we’ll call our parents…oh god, we’re gonna be brand new mommies again really soon.” She squeezed Arizona’s hand and looked round at Sofia. “You okay baby girl? We’re gonna go back to see the nice daycare ladies and you’re gonna spend a little time with them, but when mommy has your little sister we’re gonna get you and you can come and meet them, yeah? You might stay with auntie Meredith and Zo Zo for a couple of days too, just while mommy’s in the hospital.” Sofia nodded although she probably had no idea what Callie was rambling on about. Callie leaned over and kissed Arizona. “You’re doing good baby, I’m proud of you.” Callie drove to the hospital as quick as she could, but keeping to the speed limit. When she got there she parked up and got Sofia out of her car seat and put on her on her hip while she helped Arizona out of the car. When they were near enough she shouted for someone to get her a wheelchair. A wheelchair was brought out to them and Callie got an intern to push it, as she was holding Sofia. “Okay.” She said to the intern pushing the wheelchair. ”Take her to a room and get her to text me the room number when you get there, I have to take Sofia to the daycare. I won’t be long.” She looked down at Arizona. “I’ll be back really soon okay baby. Don’t push if I’m not there.” She laughed a little and kissed her sweaty forehead. “I love you so much.” She let Sofia give Arizona a kiss and made her wave as she jogged towards the daycare. When she dropped her off she gave her a big hug and a kiss. “I love you mija, I’ll see you soon okay?” Sofia waved as Callie left and Callie ran back down to find her wife.

"I-I love you," Arizona croaked out to her wife just as another contraction rocked her little body. Callie was being so loving and supportive, even though she was freaking out a little. But that was okay, of course. Arizona was in labor, it was natural for one of the mothers of the babies to be nervous. Arizona was probably a thousand times more nervous, scared, too, but she didn’t want to let Callie know that. She shot her wife a shaky smile, nodding as she gripped her engorged belly with one hand. "See you in a few minutes. I’ll be waiting for you upstairs." Arizona waited until Callie had scurried off down the hall and then turned her head, glaring at the nervous-looking intern standing above her. She was a young girl, with shoulder blade-length red hair, green eyes, and freckles. Arizona half yelled at her to push the wheelchair and half groaned in pain from a contraction, but somehow the redhead understood and whisked Arizona away up to Labor and Delivery. She quickly found Arizona a room and then helped her out of her chair. Once Arizona was seated on the edge of her bed, the intern paged another doctor and then rushed to get Arizona a hospital gown. Soon Arizona was comfortably seated in the hospital bed, anxiously licking her lips and holding her stomach, but all the while incredibly excited. She was taking deep breaths when who would come rushing into the room but her wife, and right behind her, the doctor the intern had paged.

"Hey Arizona, how are you today?" Addison Montgomery asked the blonde woman.

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Callie couldn’t have been happier in that moment when she felt their babies kicking, it was something she’d loved throughout the whole pregnancy, it had cheered her up when she’d had a bad day and it made her good days even better. Sofia loved to feel the babies kick too and she always fell about in a fit of giggles when she felt them. Callie thought it was adorable and she knew that she was going to be an amazing big sister.

Both Callie and Sofia jumped as Arizona squealed. Callie reached out, “What’s wrong? Are you okay?” It took Callie a couple of a minute of minutes, but she finally clocked onto what could have been happening at that exact moment. “Arizona…I think you’re in labor…unless it’s Braxton Hicks…I don’t know…oh god, okay. Let’s go sit down…or shall we go to the hospital? Yeah, that’s a better idea.” She quickly ran out to the car and put an overexcited Sofia in her car seat, she was going into total panicked wife and mom mode. She made sure Sofia was okay before going back into the house and into the kitchen. “Okay…Sof’s in the car seat…shall I call someone to look after her? Meredith or Cristina or someone? Okay, I’m freaking out a little bit…” She took a deep breath and grinned taking Arizona’s face in her hands. “Our babies are coming.” She kissed Arizona softly and led her to the car, helping her in before going back to the house and grabbing the bag they’d had ready for the arrival for weeks. She left the house and locked the door getting in the car and take another deep breath. “Okay…ready?” She turned to Arizona and grinned. “I love you.”

Arizona whimpered, her entire world in a complete daze as Callie rushed around her. Before she even knew what was going on, her wife was leading her through the front door of their house and into the front yard. They walked down the driveway, Arizona holding onto Callie’s hand for dear life as she waddled down the driveway. “T-This isn’t Braxton Hicks,” the blonde croaked, shaking her head. “I know what those feel like, and this isn’t them. I’m in labor, Callie. I’m-” Arizona gasped, cutting herself off in the middle of a sentence. She glanced down with wide eyes, spotting the growing dark circle on the crotch of her pink yoga pants. “I’m wet. My water broke. Oh, shit, my water broke.” The blonde woman bit down on her bottom lip as another contraction hit her, harder this time. She awkwardly got into the passenger’s seat, with Callie’s help, before buckling in and shutting the door. Glancing back at a confused-looking Sofia, shooting her the most reassuring smile she could, although it was rather lopsided. “I’m going to have your sisters, Sof! Don’t be scared, honey. Everything’s alright. Mommy’s just getting ready so your little sisters can come join us out here, that’s all.” Arizona looked over at Callie once more, grabbing her hand and squeezing it tightly for support. “I’m as ready as I’ll ever be. I’m going to have these babies, Calliope. I’m going to have our babies.”

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“Not possible. I love you more than anything in this world.” Callie grinned against Arizona’s shoulder as she kissed it softly. “I love you more than surgery.” Callie said proudly, it was true; if she, for some reason, had to give up surgery for Arizona, she would do so in a heartbeat without so much as a second thought. After Mark had died, Callie truly believed that she wouldn’t be happy again, but here she was. She was going to be a mom again very soon and it was all incredibly exciting, but Mark was definitely never far from her thoughts and Callie knew she would make sure Sofia grew up knowing what an amazing father she had.

Callie shook her head when Arizona asked about waking Sofia up. “She is completely out, I don’t think we’re going to get much sleep tonight if she’s sleeping now. We should probably wake her so she sleeps through, but she just looks so peaceful and adorable, I wouldn’t want to make her cry, but since she’s asleep…I get to kiss momma all I want.” Callie grinned devilishly and turned Arizona in her arms. She cupped her face with her hands and kissed her softly at first, but the kiss became more desperate and heated. Callie pulled away with a smile and pushed her wife’s hair out of her face. “I’ve been waiting to do that all day.”

Callie let go of Arizona for a moment and knelt down on the ground, placing her hands on Arizona’s large bump. She pressed a light kiss to it and smiled up at Arizona. “Hi babies. Kick momma really hard if you can hear me…” She paused falling about laughing. “I’m kidding, don’t kick her too hard. I hope you decide to come out of there soon, I’m so excited to meet you and so is momma. We both love you very much already and so does your big sister Sofia…” As if it was planned, Sofia walked around the corner rubbing her tired eyes. She reached her arms out to Callie, who picked her up and rested her on her hip. Sofia leaned her head on Callie’s shoulder sleepily and looked down at her momma’s belly. “Babies.” She mumbled pointing to it. Callie grinned at her.
“That’s right baby, your sissy’s are in there. Sissy one is up here.” Callie pointed to the top of Arizona’s bump. “And sissy two is down here.” Callie pointed to the bottom. Sofia reached out her hand and placed it softly on the bump. “Sof wuvs sissy’s.” As she said this, Callie looked up at Arizona with immense pride; Sofia was going to be an amazing big sister to their little babies.

Arizona’s light blue eyes widened, and she giggled happily, wrapping her arms around Callie’s waist as far as they would go with her belly bump in the way. “Really? You love me more than surgery? That’s some pretty strong love there.” The blonde woman leaned in, pressing her pink lips to Callie’s temple gently. God, she loved her so much. Ten years ago, Arizona never would’ve imagined this life for herself. She figured she’d find a steady girlfriend, maybe get married, and that would be it. But here she was, with a loving wife and a child, with two more on the way, and she couldn’t be happier. Callie was so, so beautiful, and Sofia looked like a littler, more precious version of her. Arizona couldn’t get over how gorgeous Callie’s dark hair was when it was shining in the sun, and how deep her dark brown eyes were. And Sofia had the exact same hair and eyes. Arizona couldn’t believe she had been blessed with such an amazing family, she practically had to pinch herself to make sure it was real every day.

Arizona’s thoughts were interrupted as she was turned and Callie’s lips suddenly came crashing into hers. She responded immediately, tangling her hands in her wife’s thick hair and curving her lips against the other woman’s. A shiver or pleasure shot down straight to her core as the kiss deepened, and Arizona couldn’t help but let out a quiet whimper. The pregnancy had caused her hormones to be on absolute overdrive, and Arizona had been turned on by something as little as Callie looking at her for the past nine months. The fact that her wife had incredibly soft lips and smelled like flowers didn’t help much. 

"It feels like I’ve been waiting for that kiss for ages." Arizona blushed light pink, looking down at her wife with adoring eyes as Callie knelt in front of her, eye-to-eye with her belly bump. "They hear you alright," the blonde woman chuckled, her mouth spread into a wide grin. "They’re kicking away. Here, feel." Arizona took one of Callie’s hands, lightly placing it on her baby bump where she could feel at least one of the babies kicking inside of her. "She’s right, sweetie pies. We love you both so very much, and we can’t wait to meet you." Arizona looked up as Sofia came stumbling into the room, and leaned forward a little to stroke her hair as Callie settled the little girl on her hips. "That’s right, Sof! Babies, your little sisters." Her grin grew even wider as Sofia proclaimed her love for her unborn sisters. And then, all of a sudden, Arizona squealed. Loudly. For there was a sharp pain in her stomach, and both babies were kicking crazily. "O-Oh my God."

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Callie stared at her wife, taking in all of her features. Her gorgeous blonde hair, her beautiful blue eyes, her breathtakingly sweet skin and her incredibly pregnant, yet beautiful belly. Callie would never tire of looking at Arizona, the blonde always caught her attention whether it was first thing in the morning, or last thing at night, there was just always something about her that made Callie fall in love with her all over again. Callie looked away before Arizona could notice she was staring and her cheeks gave off a little pink glow. Arizona wasn’t supposed to be driving, but every now and again Callie let her, because it frustrated her otherwise and now, even though she was heavily pregnant with twins, Callie had allowed her to drive them the short distance to their new house.

Buying the house had been a big deal for them, it was going to be their family home and it had been a long process in deciding which house and where. They’d wanted it near a school, but also near to the hospital. They didn’t want a road right outside and they wanted room for Sofia to play, and eventually the twins too. They were able to afford a very nice place and still live comfortably. Pulling into the driveway, Callie took off her seatbelt and turned around to look at their daughter, who was sleeping in her car seat. “Mini me is sleeping already.” She laughed as she turned back to Arizona. “We’ll have to wake her up to eat some dinner, she won’t be very happy about that.” They pulled up outside the house and Callie got out and helped Arizona out before lifting their sleeping daughter out of the car as gently and smoothly as she could. She carried her into the house and into the living room and sat on the couch with her in her arms. “Wake up baby, we’ve gotta have some dinner. You want some dinner?” Sofia stirred but didn’t wake, so Callie put her down on the couch and put a blanket over her and walked into the kitchen, walking up to Arizona and wrapping her arms around her, laying her hands on her bump. “I love you.” She whispered into her neck. She kissed the pale skin there softly and sighed contently.

"I love you more," Arizona murmured, a shiver running through her nerves at the feeling of Callie’s soft breath on her neck. She could smell her wife’s sweet, flowery perfume and it was making Arizona dizzy in the best of ways. When Callie placed her hands on her stomach, Arizona could feel the babies begin to kick, obviously excited to feel their Mama outside. Arizona would be full term for twins in a week and a half, and she felt as huge as ever. She and Callie were overjoyed when they found out they were pregnant with twins, and even more so when they found out that both of the babies would be girls. A whole household full of girls, it was extremely exciting! So they packed up their things and moved, moved to a place where all five of them could fit comfortably. Now they lived in the more residential side of Seattle, further away from the hospital where both women worked, but still close enough for them to stay with their medical family. Sofia was set up to go to preschool in half a year, and for now she and soon, the twins, would go to the daycare in the school. Mark had died in the plane crash, so Sofia could no longer stay with him, but his memory lived on in Arizona and Callie’s hearts. 

"I’m guessing you couldn’t get the little one to wake up?" Arizona asked now, chuckling slightly. She leaned back into Callie’s touch, abandoning the broccoli that she had been chopping up on the cutting board, along with the knife. The blonde sighed softly, setting her arms on top of Callie’s, on top of her protruding belly. "You’d think she’d wake up at just the mention of food, having your genes. I guess she’s really out.."

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